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  1. Psygeek

    Structuring Unstructured Time

    I have a bullet journal which is increidbly helpful for me personally
  2. I'm doing long distance for a year now. Nearly did break us apart, but we found a way to be together again. It really depends on the type of people you are. I can't stand being apart and it's eating at me everyday. So for us it was realization how much we love each other and how much wed be together. So yeah one of us is sacrificing to be together.
  3. Psygeek

    Charlottesville, VA

    the corner is where the undergrads live. JPA area and Fry's spring is more a mix of faculty and students. Downtown seems also liked by many but a bit further from campus. North Grounds is also good (but my building is on the south side of the campus). If you want more specific info, just send me a PM
  4. Psygeek

    The Positivity Thread

    When you go from feeling bad you have no projects really moving about a month ago to having 4 into data collection :3
  5. Psygeek

    Charlottesville, VA

    yes to a car + housing market is pretty OK but I wouldn't wait too long.
  6. are you applying in your home country? I have applied successfully for an F1 visa in a country that was not my own - but my husband is from there. I believe this has to do with 'strength of ties' to that specific location (obviously, ties to your home country are strong, whereas exchange is just temporary) - so in my case, I have obvious ties to that 'third' country and it led to no issues at all.
  7. Psygeek

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Im so sleepdeprived
  8. Psygeek

    Is stipend taxed?

    This is different for international students depending on your tax treaty.
  9. Psygeek

    Is stipend taxed?

    TA/RA-ships are taxed for me; fellowship seems to be not.
  10. Psygeek

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Let's not get started about all the different forms... I respect my country has online software, ENTERS all the information for me for most part, and helpful information is WAY easier to find online.
  11. Psygeek

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Hate the US and their weird ass tax system and determination of residency (with the only other country in the world basing 'residency' based on nationality being eritrea). Like for real.. why you folks always have to be special with your weird non-metric system, weird president, and also these things..
  12. Psygeek

    Is stipend taxed?

    Yes, but only the portion that doesn't go to tuition (so living expenses etc). In general you pay federal and state depends on the state (e.g., I do on my income portion but not my fellowship portion). If you fall under some tax treaty you may not have to pay the fellowship part, but you'd still have to pay the income (RA/TA, etc.) part.
  13. Yup. I brought no bank statements and no questions asked.

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