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  1. Yeah.. it happens. I found my Master understimulating and getting high grades was fairly easy for me. So I did a lot on the side. Including: - Editor for a student Journal - Lab assistant for 16 hr per week - Extra research projects - TA-ing at some point here and there (helping with grading mainly) - Internship in consultancy 2 days per week (OK at that point I overdid it haha) - Read a lot of extra material unrelated to my classes, just because I liked it certain topics (which then helped me with writing proposals, again making thigns easier, but OK). Was helpful for getting a PhD - they were 'very impressed' by my experiences.
  2. I did this as a European nationality in Korea. They only wanted to see my ID-card for Korea (it seems to be a requirement that you cannot be on a tourist-visa - those we were not on a residence visa in Korea did not get the American visa it seemed). Questions: - Which school are you going to? - Can I see your Korean visa/ID? - How do you fund yourself? After showing my funding letter he was basically OK and was asking like are you excited? haha
  3. Psygeek

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Wowwowwow thats creepy! Hope it all got sorted out. I also got a message the other day someone was nosing around n my account (i.e., unexpected login from certain location). But given the location and time, I'm sure it was my mum hahaha (who admitted to be the little spy on my account haha). Same with my Korean account, which turned out to be my boyfriend accidently using the wrong card on the atm.
  4. Usually its fine to ask the same person to do multiple. I know my advisor just had one pdf file he uploaded everywhere haha. My second LOR put a little bit more effort in it by also putting the schools name on it.
  5. Psygeek

    Should I apply to PhD AND Master's?

    I also know a fair share of people with a Master's who did not make it into the PhD. It really depends on so much more - such as what you did outside of class (projects, presentations, etc.) The answer on your question really depends on how competitive you are as an applicant now already.
  6. Psygeek

    Useful books to read before starting PhD?

    >http://www.apa.org/pubs/books/4313037.aspx How to publish high-quality research I had to read this book at the start of my Master's. Really helped me actually with writing. I still sometimes go back to it if I'm stuck in a certain section (especially intro). I know some people liked it because it also gives tips on how to formulate research questions and the like.
  7. Psygeek

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Go for it! I've been told this all my life by my mum. She didn't believe I would succeed in high school. She was convinced I wouldn't make it in university and it was a waste of time. Then when I started excelling she sorta shut up for a bit. Then when I signed up for a competitive research master she was convinced I would finally meet my limit and get low grades and would have messed up my career. Again the opposite happened. Applying for PhDs - same story. She hasn't started talking yet about what will happen during my PhD, but she has no clue what it is anyway. According to her, this nay-saying is protecting me from failures or from hurtful situations (which I don't think is a good thing anyway - these are not the failures to protect someone from). I used to develop such self-defeating thoughts because of it which well - it didn't help me in high school. At the start of university, we were not in touch for a year because of personal reasons and this is when I could finally let go of these thoughts. I forgave her (and still forgive her) as she has so little self-esteem herself, so I know where it is coming from. Bottom line: never have somebody discourage you, especially if you believe and KNOW you are a good applicant and can do this. You decide your limits and not someone else, just be realistic. Yes, you may fail because it's supercompetitive, but that doesn't devalue you as a person. I mean, what I learned from this PhD-cycle is that it's also big part luck. The prof in my department literally chose between two applicants with a coin flip. I was only interviewed and accepted by one place - which was my top choice anyway, while in the meantime having places in Europe trying to actively recruit me. But it never harms to try!
  8. email the schools. I had 2 that needed them, the other 4 couldn't care less
  9. Pictures are so country specific though. In Korea its unheard of not having a (heavily photoshopped) picture on your resume/CV. Europe - I know in the Netherlands its getting quite common these days - especially as resumes/CVs (at least in the non-academic field) are now also combined with a video resume.
  10. Psygeek

    Work abroad in the Netherlands

    Do you speak Dutch? Do you already have a work permit? The number of companies that can offer work permits is restricted (there's a list somewhere, you should be able to google it) - and they're predominantly in business, IT, science, and tech (with some exceptions there). You'd also need to figure out if your degree is recognized in the Netherlands and at which level and in which way - university or something else (yes not everything is considered the equivalent of university, even though you got it at a university). Also, note that you're most likely gonna have a hard time finding a job even if all your qualifications are OK and you do already have a work permit. People heavily prefer native Dutch speakers from the Netherlands, despite foreigners having sometimes even better qualifications. I've seen this around me all the time (yes Dutchie here). I have American friends who speak Dutch fluently but still, get rejected for job offers because people feel it would be easier to have a native Dutch speaker (they're afraid she makes mistakes etc). You're also not entering a market where they're desperate for people (actually quite the opposite) so I wouldn't get my hopes up too high. The Hague is not the best place to search for English language jobs actually. It's all right for English speaking, but the English community there is predominantly diplomats. Rotterdam and especially Amsterdam do have a little bit English-friendlier job market, but also not that great - it's lots of IT and senior business jobs.
  11. Psygeek

    The Positivity Thread

    Yaaay my new advisor seemed genuinly into my proposal ^^, Happy!
  12. Psygeek

    The Positivity Thread

    I just feel good. I have a couple of projects in mind that I want to do in grad school and I do believe they┬┤re good ideas although not fully developed yet. I feel more confident now. I have a house, finally booked my flight, got a general idea what I want to do, think I'll get along very well with my cohort, and I'm 'ready'. Really looking forward to it :3 In the meantime, the fabulous and fun contact I have with my former advisor continuous - it's definitely shaping into a friendship which I'm very happy with.
  13. Psygeek

    Should I do it?

    I would move. There's a lot more to a PhD than class. You need to meet your supervisor, if you're TA-ing you have office hours, you'd need to attend (lab) meetings, and so on. Plus you'd be more close to your cohort and potentially social support system network.
  14. Psygeek

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Dont let your perfectionism get the best of you! I know how it feels. But try to approach things as a opportunity to learn - it helps me so much really.
  15. Psygeek

    RA vs TA?

    I don't think so. Teaching experience is at least in psychology helpful in getting a job. I think there should be a balance, so neither 100% teaching, 100% research. After all, an academic does both.

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