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  1. PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    Could you share your spreadsheet with me?? (maybe through PM) I wanna look at more schools. I only have 4-5 on my list and feel its too little
  2. File a complaint on an MS. thesis advisor?

    It does seem she has a very strong preference for C and even if you end up doing A or B she may not be as committed as you want her to be. I'd say have a chat when she gets back, be upfront but professional about it (why not A, maybe we have some different expectations), and then decide later on what you'd like to do. Somehow this sounds like my former supervisor, the horror. I do a MPhil and we have the last semester to run the proejct (but usually start earlier). Approached Supervisor X in october with a specific topic and RQ (lets call it project A). He said that was great. Supervisor X then asked me the next month wheterh I wanted to be INVOLVED with project B - as I could learn some new skills and was interested in SOME parts of it, that was OK. Confirmed still wanted to do A as thesis, not B. Two months in project B he wanted me to make that my thesis. I declined and reminded him of the former agreement which he was still OK with. I send him proposal for project A in early spring (like 2 weeks after that) that we agreed on - and he agreed to supervise on after I rejected the idea of doing B as my thesis. He ignore dme for 2 months - send him a number of reminders. Nobody could get a hold of him. Then finally got a message that theres only 24 hours a day and he's too busy - it was written very unprofessionally as well. Like WHUT. Filed an official complaint, there's a 3 day reply policy for a reason (and yeah well even 2 weeks I would have been OK with) - then don't take students or AT LEAST dont let me hanging for 2 months - it takes 10 seconds to email this! I'm not angry he doesn't want me to supervise, but just that he could have told me that wayyyy earlier. I think this is also what OP is struggling with. Department then tried to force him in supervising me. But I had no trust in this anymore and especially the timeframe. Ended up doing a follow-up/extension of my supervisor from last year which is completely my own project, so I learn a lot and ahve a great professional and personal relationship with this prof (he's basically my mentor anyway - and also moving to another uni as half the department did as they're all fed up with this type of shit that is currently happening also to them) - but will not graduate on time coz of this supervisor x's crap. Thank god I at least did not spend anything of my assigned research budget yet, as he wanted to use it for B and would then cover A for me... Now need to pay another semester's tuition, can't find a 'real' job, etc. THANKS DUDE. Like this has big consequences for me. With regard to the comment she may not work over summer - she could communicate that. This also varies per supervisor how they approach this. Sure professros are busy and I try to contact mine not more than once every 2 weeks over summer and have a biweekly meeting usually. Also am fine if it takes 3 weeks to reply over summer really, I understand but it's because this supervisor TOLD me that he will be travelling a lot and will do his best to help whenever he can over summer. So I at least know what is going on. However, we as students also need to know what we're up to. I can't wait around 3 months not knowing what my plans will be or how things will work out for the next semester. If I need to take extra classes I may or may not be able to take on an internship that I want to do, etc. If I can't graduate on time like now I need to make arrangements for housing, parttime work, etc. If OP's supervisor is not sure she wants to supervise project A or B or whatever - communicate and tell what is going on. Even a simple e-mail like Dear OP, I think there may be some misunderstanding. At this point in time I"m only able to supervise C due to external reasons (or whatever). Or even At this point in time I prefer to supervise C and am not sure if I am able to supervise A/B. At least OP then knows what he's up to. However, OP could also have asked for this clarification earlier - especially since she already mentioned do C (then why write B?). Also take in consideration possible cultural differences in communication style that may or may not apply. And although you indeed you don't always get to choose your project - you don't always have to do what others want either. In the end you want to do something you're passionate about too. Hence, the reason I also changed supervisors - I didn't ever want to do B (it's a social neuroscience project - although I'm interested in the topic I have aboslutely no interest in learnign how to analyze fMRI data and so on). I ended up with C and i'm very happy with it - I just wish I would have been able to start 3 months earlier... of which 2 months were a total unnecessary delay.
  3. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    When my supervisor is more busy with going on vacation then supervising. Dude like I get you're moving to a different uni and you want to take your 3 months of vacationdays they still owe you - but you're in charge of data collection on MTurk so just run the shit please - it's not like that complicated to just click '300 participants'.
  4. Unconventional Routes To Psy Ph.D.

    check He may have some good tips Would it be possible to take some psych classes maybe? My uni also lets people with a non-psych background enter their research master in psych (for social psych though) - but its in Europe I'd certainly go for any volunteer practice/research experience to improve your chances
  5. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    Don't know if helpful but I'm doing a Research Master here in Amsterdam - international one. ALthough classes have general themes, you can tailor usually the assignment to your interests (i.e., often proposal - for example proposal on 'the self', 'interdependence theory', etc.) that for sure will lend themselves to your interest. Also staff here that works on relationships (Righetti). Send me a PM if you want to know more
  6. PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    Yep SoP = Statement of purpose Also for publications - I once had a lecture on career advice from this prof of NYU. He said he finds it more interesting if an applicant (for a postdoc thing - not PhD) has 1 or 2 reallyyy good and interesting publications than 10 so-so ones. After all, those 2 show your potential to do great work, whereas the 10 mediocre ones just say you do kinda mediocre research. I'm still using this as my guideline. Quality over quantity.
  7. PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    Note that publications in itself are not necessary - it's also about experience. I've seen plenty of people enter grad school without a publication. My belief is still that publications can also be right place right time during undergrad. Some profs are also more willing than others to put student names on papers. Although I wouldn't know how much studying abroad in itself may help tbh - I've lived 2 years in Asia (although I'd like to do a PhD related to cultural psych so it may help for that reason), but I've also been involved in things that I'll just leave for my resume and will not discuss as they only distract from what I'm trying communicate. Like my student council time has no direct relevance for what I want to tell and I leave it for my SoPs to communicate that I have leadership skills and am a great teamplayer and open to new people or smthing. In the end you want to say I want to communicate I want to be an academic researcher and this is why I want this PhD on this topic.
  8. I certainly think 2 weeks is possible. Cognition is a broad topic and there must be plenty of questions unasked and unaswered. Other than that - every research question should be brand new and novel - otherwise your'e doing a replication. I'd find a certain direction (i.e., narrow it down - which part of cognition literature are you most into or is focused on in the lab), look up some recent papers on that theme to find out what's going on there and see if you can push it in a new direction. Also cognition is a very broad field - even subfields such as social cognition go a lot of different directions and have a lot of different topics. Nevertheless, if you are very unfamiliar with the topic, you may need some more time.
  9. well, depends on whether you have already a sort of theme or topic. I had classes/times I came up with an amazing idea the day of the deadline (and got rid of my previous one) and pulled it off, and tehre were times I needed more time - also to read into the literature. Do you have a topic you are interested in and that would fit to this professor? Are you familiar with the literature on this topic to identify some gap (or are familiar of a new method that would allow you to research something novel too)? Do you have any specific method you want to familiarize yourself with that may push you in the direction of a question? (e.g., if you want to learn about hormonal research or something) Also it may be nice to ask what that prof is interested in and what they are currently looking into. Talking with him/her may also push you in a certain direction. Wouldn't be the first time that a prof is hinting in a certain direction or openly saying I wonder how ...
  10. What counts as research/work/volunteer experience?

    I just wrote a professor who's research I like an e-mail whether he could use some help as I love to learn more about the research process and that topic and would like to pursue a PhD. Sometimes I mentioned a specific skill (like one person worked with hormones, I wanted to learn more about that and those projects are labor intensive anyway) Did this with multiple people through the years, never had a bad respond, sometimes just that they were too busy and one went on maternity leave so fair enough. Approached 2 with my own idea - one didn't have time, the other project now has 2 manuscript in prep for publication. Most profs will be very helpful though. In the end you're also helping them.
  11. Charlottesville, VA

    *up So how bad is the situation here really atm? I'm bringing my Asian partner and he's freaking out from what's going on and is saying I shouldn't apply to UVa.
  12. Welcome to the forum! I'm also new First of all, unless you want to work in a specific country in Europe - I'd advise against it. Accreditation standards vary widely and I know that even between European countries you can't easily transfer your license (i.e., a Dutch license to practice counselling/clinical sessions is not necessarily valid in the UK and vice versa - this goes for multiple countries including Canada and US). So you won't get an APA license in Europe in General. For example, I'm from the Netherlands and we do a Master and then postgrad training (expensive!!) to become practitioner. But you need certain points as part of your coursework (often gained during undergrad) for this etc. I think you should really consider what your future goals are - practice or more research and how can you get there. If you're not sure - take your time to figure out by for example doing an internship or volunteering somewhere. I did this between my undergrad and grad and it really convinced me that research was right for me and also which field and which topic. With regard to programs - I found it very valuable to actually ask programs and grad students at these uni's directly. I crossed of some schools based on what students told me (also partly financial aid related). I've answered questions from students as well about my program and never felt this was a problem - happy to help someone make the right decision. And competitiveness - I wouldn't know because i'm not into the clinical field. But I think it is regarded as the most competitive within psych? I've found it valuable to look up CVs of grad students and kinda see where they were when they entered. It can either help you understand which areas may be your weakness or strengths (something to write about in your statement) and whether you're competitive as an applicant. It certainly helped me to set goals for the last year (and partly the reason why I am also taking a gap year atm - I joined more research projects, expanded my skills set by for example meta-analyses and fMRI, probably get 1 or 2 publications, got TA experience, did an invited talk on research practices and may publish my thesis - all things that will help me I think, plus more time to do the GRE).
  13. As all the other fields are also starting their own sub-threats Program of interest: I'm very into how the direct environment we live in influences behavior, but that are outside or direct awareness (e.g., culture, socio-ecology, minority/majority ratios) and how people respond to them. Any leads to people working in this direction are very welcome at this point! I'm also looking at business schools atm Schools you have looked at: I've narrowed it down to Virginia, UBC, NYU, Stanford, and Singapore Management Uni (love their work on multiculturality). The latter one is my 'safe' school. But I'm still exploring possible schools.. Number one worry about applying: GRE, deadlines! And whether I'm overestimating myself in terms of how competitive I am as an applicant!
  14. This one was forwarded to me the other day - No GRE required
  15. relationships in general or relationships in that specific population?