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  1. Psygeek

    Advisor Expects Free Work

    Depends on whether you can use the data for your own projects/papers, if you're going to be on a potentially published paper, etc. I've also run data for my former advisor in 'exchange' to have access to previous data from him.
  2. Psygeek

    Question about schools with cutoff GRE scores

    Apparently, at a lot of schools, GRE scores are sorta a pre-requisite for funding. Departments weight them far less heavily (at least in psych). Sure, if you do bad it may hurt your chances, but if you're above the cut-off score, you should be fine.
  3. Psygeek

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I hate the health care system in the US. Seriously considering flying home to get dental treatment and a quick bloodcheck - would be cheaper. Even half my department recommends me to do so... Can't stop hating how retarded this system is.
  4. depends on the school; some yes, some no
  5. sure! you can put it in a google doc and pm me the link. the name personal statement /goals/purpose one is usually the same - depending on whether there are other 'statements' they ask you to submit. But different universities use the same term for the same thing. Depends on how much research experience you have really.
  6. For me it was anywhere within a few hours to never
  7. Well, if it is something like childhood, then definitely cut it out haha. I do second that - however, if you have a specific instance, then it's not a bad thing to mention it in as much that it can integrate your story. However, I wouldn't use more than a few sentences. I mentioned a specific paper that then influenced a number of (relevant) life choices because of that interest. It's again a show don't tell thing though. Narratives are memorable science shows :3 However what I mean by 'showing' interest is also using words like 'research experience X (that is relevant) excited me' and thus showing some sort of way that you're drawn to something.
  8. My advisor advised the exact opposite. But that was also because I had a lot, and it would just distract from the main message that I'm a qualified candidate with also a lot of independent ideas that understands what I'm studying. I'm not against having a paragrpah for each project, but then you'd need to expand on what you did or what you learned. Now it reads as an iteration of your CV - add more 'story' to it. FOr example paragraph 2; why did you become interested in children? Was there anything challneging about data collection you overcame? Anything specifci you learned other than certain techniques? Paragraph 3: Starts same way as paragraph 2. Is there anything more you can elaborate on working with children? was it fun? show some zest - you were doing what you aimed for! Paragraph 4: so here you mention you are working with adoptive families. Anything you noticed when working with them that sparked your interest in studying with them? and so on. Show some 'personality' and make others part of your 'experience'. Also; 'show don't tell'. You state for example that 'Through this study, I have strengthened my understanding of how family interactions promote socioemotional development in early childhood,' but how exactly did you strenghten your understanding? You only named the tasks you did. See above - there is so much to talk about. None of my experience was directly on the same topic. That's fine. I just drew parallels. Since you want to study kids - mention you enjoy working with them, etc. It's not that difficult. I had it at both places, the first time pretty general and later on more specific. But my SOP was more like a personal narrative. Nonetheless, a good paper always 'ties the ribbon' by going back to the beginning from a stylistic point of view.
  9. I think you want to be careful to not restate your resume too much (i.e., a lot of people put on a short project description and what they learned on their resume) - because that is what most of it is now. You may want to focus more on theories/frameworks you familiarized yourself with, specific findings that you found interesting, etc. Instead of reiterating what is on your resume, you may want to expand on your individual projects a bit more in detail (e.g., what frameworks are you using, what is your RQ, how do you test it - this will show somewhat more intimate knowledge with your area). It's indeed not entirely clear why you want to study what you study. This could be anything from eye-catching findings, personal experiences, thigns you read, a gap in the literature you perceive to be there. I think the tone and style are very good otherwise.
  10. Psygeek

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Happy to hear you got a skype chat! Rooting for you this year!
  11. Psygeek

    The Positivity Thread

    when the data comes out nicer than expected.
  12. Psygeek

    Is this The Right Thing?

    So it sounds like the program is not what you expected of it. This could either be because you're still in the first semester (maybe it gets better?) or because you may have not asked the right questions before starting (did you talk with any current students, have you asked about the emphasis on theory vs. practical skills, etc. before starting?). Are there any students you can talk to in the year above you? Are there any classes you can take outside your curriculum that may help you in your career path? You question if this is worth it to help your career - how do graduates perform on the job market? (sometimes just having that stupid M.A. title on your resume really helps) And do the skills really not help you (if so, then why is this program so prestigious?)? You say you want to study law (maybe), but at the same time want to have more stats classes - how do you unite these two? I also wouldn't care about the people just straight out of undergrad, this is about you - not them.
  13. Psygeek

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    You have a lot more done than I had at the time!
  14. Psygeek

    What to wear? Tips for a visit?

    I'd go with business casual. You'd rather be a bit overdressed than underdressed. It's better to signal I take this very seriously hence my slightly overdressed outfit than sort of I didn't care. It will be appreciated if you took the effort to 'dress for the occasion' to say so.

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