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  1. buisness casual. A jeans may be pushing, it but also no need to come in a full suit. Last year (female) I just worry a dressy pant, nice shirt and nice cardigan with modest jewelry. I would avoid very bright colors too.
  2. I think it really depends on the person's role. Like I came a bit early and stayed a bit longer, but just stayed with my friend the day not covered and spend time with her. I also don't think its weird to travel with someone else who is going to that directly (even common if you know what person), although you wouldn't be able to ask the university for accomodation for your friend or a flight (i.e., if youre in a hotel, you'll probably room with someone). You should however not involve him/her in any university related events. It's really a sort of interview-like experience (partly). University tries to recruit you, while simultaneously evaluating whether they want to spend money on you (because thats what it is).
  3. Could also be because I am an international student. Don't know. I wouldn't stress too much about it. Late interviews can also mean that you are making it of the waitlist
  4. I do think this is true though. I had my interview invite (Skype) in early Feb
  5. No. some schools also don't look at applications till after winterbrea.
  6. > Be professional and prepared. Don't make inappropriate jokes, don't discuss things like politics (particularly if you are very conservative, psych is a liberal stronghold...), don't act sexist (the last two I've seen happen). Dress the part, but don't worry about it too much, you will not be judged on your outfit unless it is very misplaced. > Be prepared to talk about the topics you are interested in, maybe a recent paper that came out, your work style, your strengths, etc. >Obviously read some things about the PIs research, but also see what his/her grad students are doing. You will probably spend quite some time with grad students and they can also make or break you (if they really dislike you) - and may be your future collaborators. It doesn't mean you have to be super extrovert, but do take time for people during lunch break etc. > Although you want to let the school know you are interested in them, no need to be tooooooo enchanted > Do not talk bad about other people/schools, this is unprofessional. Also make sure you have questions to ask; what do you want to know about the school? PI (work style etc.)? It is also a way for you to show that you understand what graduate school is about. It is as much an opportunity for you to interview them as it is for them to interview you
  7. I didn't hear back till mid Feb.... My uni hasn't held 'the meeting' yet too.
  8. never did, PI didnt reply to my feeler email, and still got in (he was my nr 1 choice)
  9. yes you would have a chance. You may want to apply for some lab manager positions or things like that.
  10. in Europe as well. American R1 PhD is putting you up for the job market a lot better than majority of European PhDs. Besides, its not like there even are that many R1 European Psych school equivalents anyway.
  11. I think you have to be mindful that the government at this point changes a lot too. I think the biggest thing that you may run into is the funds they guarantee not being 'high enough' to cover local living costs, insurance, etc. The university is basically 'sponsoring' you and has some sort of responsibility to make sure you complete the 'exchange program'. Note that stipeneds and the like most likely vary between departments or even students within a department. Both my former and current uni basically mentioned that the financial part is one of the biggest considerations and amounts are decided based on local living costs etc.
  12. Some software (e.g., qualtrics) has the option of random assignment (it has an option randomly show between these two categories and show each condition equally).
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