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  1. at my interviews a lot of people were carrying backpacks. I wouldn't stress it too much.
  2. It's fine. If people start acting like that, it's not a program you want to. You're an adult, you should be allowed to set boundaries in that regard.
  3. have seen it happen. sometimes it seems to be people who go to a place that is not their job choice or something. But you are still leaving an impression on your future colleagues.
  4. Usually you either have an open bar or get like one or two drink coupons. DO NOT GET DRUNK
  5. as for attire (this is psych): pre interview social. It can be a bit more casual. Lot of people would wear something like a nice black jean or something (or any dark pant, but not ur pant suit) and a bottom up or nice sweater. That would fine. Post - you'll usually be in your interview attire, although some schools may give you some time to change/go back to the hotel/accommodation. DO NOT GET DRUNK. Also yes, be yourself, but I've also had an experience where an applicant was saying 'borderline' racist things and got rejected because of that (it was just like a wtf moment). DO mingle with the grad students, particularly those from your lab of interest. They can potentially vouch for you! Also ask some questions about the program and so on.
  6. Don't know about community psych - I only know about Social. Community is its own area.
  7. haha. No. I'm already in a program. But I know interviews are soon and who they are interviewing. Usually they send them out before that.
  8. Great place! Know some people in facultythere
  9. anyone in social psych who tells you the number of publications matters.. well. 5 papers in Journal of Happiness Studies still doesnt weigh up to one publication in JPSP (for social psych).
  10. U Virginia seems to have send out its invites!
  11. in psych people usually put both on their resume (i.e., the one they accepted + the one they denied) + the amount for each. Dont know if that is common in your field. In that way, it is not always a huge loss for your 'resume'. It's more what else is on the table (the other one doesn't give you a network?)
  12. Columbia has a membership thing. I think you cannot even enter most buildings without a student or 'community' (e.g., family/spouse) pass. You can probably email them about this though.
  13. Columbia U (in NY) has already sent out its invites a while back.
  14. email - and probably some reviewer was late or something. It's fine to inquiry particularly if they have given you a time.
  15. Note that good PhDs tend to be funded (teaching assistants/research assistants/fellowship, Masters generally are not. PhDs are harder to get into though for that reason. And then theres the PsyD.
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