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  1. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    No worries My point was more - If I'd go for the less prestigious peeps & schools, I could do that here in Europe and save big time on the $$$$$$ I do believe location is important - BUT that is also because of what I want to study. Living in a big city that is culturally diverse or a school with a very diverse population comes in extremely handy if you want to do (cross-)cultural psych. Happens to be that prestigious schools attract more diverse students in general, however this is also why I have for example Singapore on my list.
  2. The Positivity Thread

    Got a new phone cover with Snorlax on it (yes I like pokemon) and it was like 3 euro lol. Happy ^^,
  3. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    Power to the internats hehehe! Hope you all make it too! If you ever need any advice/knowledge/info about Europe - hit me up through PM! Glad to help anyone! Did you know in Europe it's even FREE to apply - like no money involved The only thing I regret is not applying to a number of business schools (other than SMU).
  4. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    Although I heard this a bunch of time, I did consider it - but decided not to apply to schools I didn't 'really' feel like going or that wouldn't seem to fit my long-term career goals. I simply don't see the point of forgoing a decent paycheck in Europe + a top school here for any other school I'm not excited to work at in a different country. Applications work differently here - spots are available through the year as staff gets funding and the applications are more like applying for a job. If I don't get in - me and my current supervisor will start applying for funding together and I'll apply to anything exciting that comes across. I've applied to these specific schools as there are people there who do extremely exciting stuff - like it really excites me and I've basically read every paper they published haha. It excites me more than any other opportunities I have now (which include continuing to work with my current supervisor, an offer from a PhD with a different person, etc.). That said, I don't think for example Singapore management is a very high ranking school - but their stuff on multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism is right up my alley and this school is in a great location to pursue this type of work. I also crossed off all schools in locations I don't like (rather go to a nice European city) or who didn't fund international students (there were actually quite some). I think we learned different lessons from our Master's. Having been involved in a lot of projects with a lot of people - my biggest lesson was to do a topic I really love with a person I really like. I've worked with far too many difficult profs (ego's, disorganized, etc.) or topics I didn't 'really' like. I'm serious about a PhD but I'm not just gonna go anywhere. Besides, thinking long term, and given the fact that a small number of universities fill up the majority of staff positions after the PhD (can't find the exact paper), I don't want to apply to 'safe' schools. I'm perfectly capable now of finding a research job outside of academics with my current degree - which is plan B.
  5. European Universities

    Do you want to do a PhD or Master's? In general - to do a PhD you need to do a terminal Master's first. Then you'll do interviews for the PhD's as it is generlaly approached more like a job than as a student. AP scores, SATs, nobody gives a shit about that (they don't exist here so schools don't evaluate them). Some schools may assess your GRE (but extremely rare) and generally, they will assess the level of ur undergrad institution, the courses you took, and your grades for assessing whether you're qualified for grad school. As you're paying tuition to them (and you're competing for a handful of tuition wavers, although some institutions have none) and on campus work is generally rare (often students are not allowed to work a lot on a student visa), you're generally not really an investment to the school but rather you bring money. Often you're also not taking up someone else's position - so I wouldn't worry too much about the competitive element. For languages - this varies per school. Some offer all English programs. But be aware that if you would like to do an internship or smthing you will have a seriously big disadvantage if you do not speak the local language. Also research how internships are approached. In my country (Netherlands) it is extremely hard to get an internship AFTER graduation due to certain tax/insurance regulations which make enrolled students a lot more attractive as a candidate. Another thing to consider is visa opportunities in the country after you graduate. Do they have for example a 'search year visa' or do you need to find a job right out of grad school? How is the job market in that country (and also for students/part-time work/internships), etc.
  6. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    And another day of not hearing anything lolz.
  7. Research/Project assistant positions at TU Delft

    Mind that funding is different in the NL. Most of my classmates during master's did not have any offers or availability to do paid teaching/research jobs - it's very uncommon actually. Some short stints here (like 1 month of data coding or smthing) and there for the lucky few. Usually these jobs are directed through the department rather than individual profs (funding is usually not tied to a specific prof, although sometimes it happens) - my school just hires 2 fulltime TA/RA's and that's it. Especially TA's are always through the department/university rather than supervisor. RA's varies, and is sometimes available if there's a big grant or a project that needs a little bit of hands on work for a short period of time. PhD's are not student and are paid as full-time employees (although lower salary than of course staff). Best would just be to check their webpages with job offers; As you can see, not much RA/TA positions at all. You may want to contact the department if they have some RA positions potentially coming up. Most students have a part-time job on the side - sometimes related to their major sometimes not (note that for starter/part-time jobs here they often require or prefer people who speak Dutch). Most of my RA projects I did as a volunteer. I was fortunate to be hired as a part-time lab manager - but that was only because I established very good ties with the department during undergrad and they wanted a Dutch speaker and most of my cohort was from abroad or didn't want to work 20 hrs per week extra. One other girl did teaching - but since undergrad is in Dutch they wanted a native speaker again.
  8. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    This is weirdly comforting
  9. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    I'd just be open about it. And just say lesson learned. Don't make it long - you can send whatever you have already
  10. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Rumor has it she may actually be running (well everything better than this orange clown really...) My boyfriend decided to not really look into finding a job anymore. Rather he will become rich with his cryptocoins.....
  11. The Positivity Thread

    I like my job as an English babysitter in Asia. Just cashed money for playing lego with this adorable kid for 2 hrs. The bad ones suck - but some are my cute kiddo friends now
  12. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    Its oh so quiet.... This Bjork song is like the story of my mail box
  13. Fall 2018 Social Psych PhD/Master applicants

    I haven't heard anything - maybe we're too impatient. I'm just frustrated lol - taking toooooo long
  14. "DM me your POI" thread

  15. "DM me your POI" thread

    person who heard from UBC please let me know - I'm not sleeping well anymore