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  1. sun&stars

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    On the website, UNC says that decisions for admissions begins in January and February. I haven't seen anything regarding Chapel Hill's admissions this cycle yet. I might reach out to them next week about it...
  2. I've recently worked my way back to crocheting! Hopefully I can continue to learn and shape my craft while in school.
  3. sun&stars

    The wait begins!

    Round number 2 for me! Let's go!
  4. sun&stars

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I wouldn't think too much into it at this point. They're going into the winter break, so if they haven't met yet, they probably won't until after the break.
  5. sun&stars

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I got an interview invite for the School Psych program at Temple! Their interview day is January 14th, and I got an email from the program coordinator on the 14th.
  6. From what I've learned as I look into School Psychology programs, they still want to know what your research interests could be. Programs also understand that interests change overtime and whatever you state as an interest may not be what you end up studying. Also, if you have experience teaching and your research interests are related, it would show that you have practical experience related to what you'd like to study. I'm in a similar boat where I know what my research interests are but my research experiences are not related to that topic at all! If you have interests that you'd like to investigate, I would definitely add them. And then you can wrap that into how it relates to your career interests! (I'm applying this cycle and not in a program, so this is based on what I've learned in my school psych research. Hope it helps!)
  7. sun&stars

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Congrats! Would you mind PMing me the initials of your POI?
  8. sun&stars

    "DM me your POI" thread

    Can whoever received invites from Virginia Tech and UConn please DM me their POI's initials? Thanks!

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