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  1. I just got back over the weekend from visiting Idaho. I have to say that I really liked it. It seemed really affordable and there are more options than were readily apparent online. I have a dog and would ideally like a house but am considering roommates of it can help me save money. Moscow definitely seems to have more varied housing options than Pullman.
  2. @HistoricScout, congratulations! Manhattan (or Manhappiness) is a great little city. Manhattan sits around 50,000 people. I'll admit that it does not have great public transportation. I grew up there before leaving for undergrad. Manhattan is one of the more expensive city's in Kansas but is consistently considered one of the best college towns in the country and is high up on listings of best places to retire. Since I've left, quite a number of student rentals have been built near Aggieville and campus. It shouldn't be too difficult to find a pet friendly rental bearish to campus. The campus
  3. Both are definitely good schools. @Bayesian1701 brings up a good point. Berkeley is very pricey out of state and the City of Berkeley is insanely expensive. My sister attended Berkeley for grad school and apartment on the Oakland (cheaper) side was something like 3k per month to share. Unless you have a ton of spare cash hanging around I'd skip on Berkeley... UNC is a great school and Chapel Hill is a good town. Chapel Hill/Carrboro/Durham are way more affordable than Berkeley. Chapel Hill is 'expensive' for NC and the Southeast but it's got nothing on Northeast or West Coast living.
  4. UChicago is a phenomenal institution that will prepare you academically and help hone your interests. UChicago isn't an Ivy, though. I'd argue that it is definitely as well respected. Name does carry weight (ie Ivies, UChicago, Berkeley, Stanford, etc.) But program and research fit is probably more important. In the states the Ivies often are not as strong as many public institutions at the Graduate level in terms research. This is, of course, program specific. Just some food for thought ?
  5. Would you be willing to get a master's first? Some programs are willing to consider individuals for master's. If you're willing and funding is available I'd asked if they could consider you. If they were willing to take you for a PhD I don't see why they wouldn't. It seems like more and more Geography PhD programs are requiring a master's for admission. Best of luck!
  6. I'm flying out next week for an official visit but will be trying to fly out again in April to find a place to live and sign if possible.
  7. Also: Jazz fest is happening during AAG
  8. I recently received an acceptance to my top choice (yay!) With funding decisions coming soon. My POI asked if I would like to the funded College of Graduate Studies recruitment days. I notified them that I would. The department's admin promptly arranged a flight and sent me the confirmation. The visit is next week and I still haven't received an itinerary for the visit nor lodging/hotel reservations. Would it be appropriate to ask for them? Being that the recruitment is across all graduate studies, I'm not sure (if even appropriate) if I need to email the department or the College o
  9. @IsItAprilYet Yay Geography! Me too! I just received acceptance from the University of Idaho and am also still waiting on Penn State. Good luck!
  10. NCSU definitely has a good program and carries weight on the east coast. Looking at earnings of grads can be deceiving too. I'm sure many USC grads stay on the West Coast where cost of living is MUCH higher and pay reflects that. Cost of living in the Carolinas and SE is generally fairly low. The research triangle has many good STEM jobs with very competitive salaries for the area and many of those salaries can go further for the area than a higher salary on the west coast.
  11. Just received acceptance from Idaho. No details on funding but the acceptance was the generic letter on the application portal.
  12. Hey @Wee_Animalcule! Pittsburgher here... Congrats! The dog-thing can definitely a bit tricky in the Oakland/Shady Side/Squirrel Hill area... I think it'll difficult to find something close to campus and affordable that is dog friendly. Not impossible, though! I have a sibling in Shady Side who has struggled with the dog thing... I can check and get back to you. Pittsburgh's public transportation is doable so you could get a bus pass. In terms of cold weather, you can definitely get good non-animal clothing. For warm stuff you can do sustainably sourced down or synthetic insulation jacket
  13. It's all the more reason for me not go lol. My family doesn't understand why I wouldn't go there.
  14. Right?!?! My family is also in PA and my mom offered to pay for my application in hopes of me ending up back in PA lol. I honestly doubt that I'll get in but would like the family to stop pestering me.
  15. Lawrence is definitely the most progressive town in Kansas. I'd consider it to be pretty accepting of the LGBTQ community for a mid-western city. I attended KU for undergrad and really loved my time in Lawrence. I've not lived there since 2011 but still get back occasionally. Regardless, Kansas is still quite a conservative place and is somewhat of a trying place politically. Despite Lawrence being an oasis, Kansas is swing hard right, these days. For travel purposes, the drive to the Kansas City airport is not too bad: 45 minutes to an hour. I'd recommend having a car. Lawrence has
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