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  1. Is it a bad idea to not go out 1-2 months before moving? I honestly have no time (and limited money) before my grad program starts to look at apartments in person.
  2. I agree with @HooHooHooHoosiers When I graduated undergrad, my GPA was a 3.1 with slightly above average GRE scores. I retook every class I got a C or worse in and made sure I got an A the second time around. I took a couple graduate courses and worked as an SLPA for 2 years, too. I got into 6 out of the 8 schools I applied to this year.
  3. I assume you're taking 2 8-week courses in the Summer 1 session and another 2 8-week courses in the Summer 2 session? I think it's possible if you are extremely motivated, organized, and have the expectation that you will not have much free time during the summer. I had an exam/paper/major assignment due every week.
  4. I took the graduate level ASD course at ENMU last summer. It wasn't a CDIS course, but I thought it was very helpful and extremely relevant to the field. It is pretty intense because you have an assignment due every week, but since you're not working, I think it is definitely manageable. I was working at an ASD camp 40 hours a week and managed to still get an A.
  5. I got into U of AZ, U of the Pacific, FL Atlantic U, and UMass Amherst.
  6. Hi! I don't know the total tuition, but it is a little more than $8k a semester for in-state students (for fall/spring semester). I believe there is a summer session as well if I remember correctly? When I looked into the program, it was around $30-40k in total. Hope this helps!
  7. I'm turning down UMass Amherst, FAU, and NMSU today. Good luck everyone!!
  8. I applied to: U of AZ, UMass Amherst, U of the Pacific, FL Atlantic U, San Diego State, NM State, U of Houston, and U of Redlands. I got into the first 4 schools, waitlisted from SDSU and NM State, and rejected from UH and U of Redlands. I considered LIU Post, Adelphi, and U of IL Urbana due to high acceptance rates but ran out of energy/money haha
  9. Were your GREs above 150? It helps to balance a lower GPA with a higher GRE. Mine was 155V, 154Q, 4.5 Writing so not spectacular, but above average at least. I also calculated # of students accepted against # of students who applied. I applied to my dream schools of course, but also applied to some schools that had 30-50% acceptance rates in hopes of getting just one acceptance.
  10. I agree with Felice. I have pretty similar stats to you. Cumulative GPA of 3.1 and my last 60 credit GPA was 3.7. I knew my GPA was pretty bad so I didn't even bother applying my senior year and gained experience as an SLPA and worked at ASD summer camps. I researched heavily which schools looked at the last 60 credits and applied to schools that catered to my bilingual/ASD background. I applied for the first time this year to 8 schools and got 4 acceptances and 2 waitlists. Don't give up hope!
  11. Did you find SDSU's environment supportive/collaborative? I've talked to a UA graduate and they told me that the professors really try to make sure the environment is collaborative and not competitive like other programs can be. I think that is one of the things I am most worried about and hated most about undergrad.
  12. Does anyone know if schools notify you when all spots are taken and if you've been officially rejected so you can stop hoping?
  13. I have to re-take Neuro before starting my graduate program.. does anyone have any recommendations? I know Neuro is supposed to be more rigorous than some other classes, but my past professor talked like a robot and could not understand why over 50% of the class was failing so I'm hoping to do better the second time around. Thank you in advance!
  14. Is the Larry P Law really followed?? I heard rumors that in CA, black students are given different IQ tests because of their race and are automatically test for AAVE dialect, but didn't know if it was true.
  15. Does anyone have any insights on these schools? I applied to them for their Bilingual Certificate, but I am out of state and cannot afford to visit them both and don't know much about the rest of the department/professors. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
  16. Do schools reach out to you about scholarships and funding? Or are you supposed to ask them? I've been accepted into a few schools and haven't gotten any emails/letters about funding/financial aid. Is it just assumed you get no awards if they don't contact you?
  17. I agree with Parler75. A couple of my friends went to MGH and almost everyone goes there hoping for a medical placement, but in reality there aren't that many because MGH competes with Boston University for medical placements. They ask you to make a list of most wanted to least wanted placement settings, but don't always honor it.
  18. Yeah I love Dr. Fabiano-Smith! I met her at ASHA in November and she's why I took a chance applying to UA instead of the other AZ schools. I submitted my application 1/11 and got accepted on 3/1 to the 2 year program, which is when I realized I know nothing about the rest of the department or UA at all haha. If it helps my stats are: Last 60 credits GPA- 3.7 GRE- 155 V, 154 Q, 4.5 AW SLPA & Bilingual research experience (Spanish & Vietnamese)
  19. I recently got accepted into UA's program, but was wondering if anyone could give me insight about the school? I mainly applied for their bilingual extension, but does anyone know what the rest of the department is like? Are professors generally knowledgeable and willing to help? Are classes and the clinic located around the same area of campus? I live on the East Coast so I don't think I'll be able to visit the campus so any information would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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