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  1. idk about csula specifically but I applied to csulb & sdsu’s EdS school psychology programs & was invited for interviews last month, although I declined their interviews.
  2. I just formally accepted my offer from Berkeley for their School Psychology PhD program- super excited!
  3. Turns out I got an email about times on Thursday as well, but it went to my junk mail ahaaa. Thanks though
  4. Yeaaa that’s what I thought. Turns out they didn’t get my transcripts but never told me until I asked, so I just resent my transcripts. They said thank you, but idk if it’s too late at this point or if I’ll just be put on a waitlist or something. I have an interview with Washington next week though & have my acceptance from Berkeley, so I’m not too upset.
  5. Idk about any of the other UCs, but I’m currently completing my undergrad at UCI & have commuted to school by bus & train all 4 years. If I want to go off campus in Irvine, I’ll use the buses, & it works out fine. The buses usually come every 1/2 hour - 1 hour, & the buses vary in which time they stop running. Also, UCI actually has their own free buses on campus, & they even have special ones that go to the Irvine Spectrum & the beach (I think these off-campus buses you pay for), but idk if grad students have to pay for these buses. Overall, I’ve gotten really used to
  6. Did anyone apply to UCR’s School Psych PhD program, and if so, have you heard back from them about an interview? In past years, they’ve held interviews at the end of January, so I’m thinking they’ve already had it.
  7. Ahhh ok, thanks for the good info! I haven’t had my interview yet, but finacial aid is a really big deciding factor. I was confused by their email when they were talking about the costs of the EdS when completing the PhD & was going to ask them about that, but your response clarifies that.
  8. Ah ok so I was contacted a while back for an interview, & I decided to go for the Zoom interview. At the time, they told me they didn’t have the schedules out yet for the Zoom interviews, but they would be between Feb 11 - 28, & they would contact me later with more info. I replied back with a simple thanks and to keep me updated, but I haven’t heard from them since. Basically, my question is: did they contact you first for the Zoom interview? When did they tell you about your Zoom interview?
  9. School: UC Berkeley Concentration: School Psychology Type: PhD Date of acceptance: Feb 4 Notified by: Auto email that a decision had been made & to check the application website My 1st acceptance & it’s one of my top choices too! ??
  10. Hi~ I’m new here, but I’m excited to chat with people going through the same frustrating/exciting process! So, at the end of last year, I applied to 3 PhD programs (Berkeley, UW, & UC Riverside) & 2 EdS programs (SDSU & CSULB). I was emailed about interviews with Berkeley early January; they had the in-person interviews on Jan 29, but I was unable to go & instead opted to have an online Skype interview on Jan 25. Then, I got a follow up email from one of the 3 interviewers about how glad they were to talk with me, how they were impressed by my academic record, etc. At this
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