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  1. broca's aphasia

    Heard back from Case Western Reserve?

    I was contacted for an interview in Feb, completed it early March and heard of my admission in mid March if that timeline helps you at all.
  2. broca's aphasia

    School Facebook Groups 2018

    I made a group for UT Dallas! https://www.facebook.com/groups/431051493996326/
  3. broca's aphasia

    The University of Texas at Dallas

    I made a Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/431051493996326/
  4. broca's aphasia

    School Facebook Groups 2018

    I can't find one. I'm thinking of making one!
  5. broca's aphasia

    The University of Texas at Dallas

    I was mostly talking about loans and grants that a school’s financial aid office gives, not any departmental scholarships or waivers because as it’s already been pointed out, UTD has very few of those and I’m not out of state anyway. I just wanted to see if anyone has heard about aid packages from the financial aid office because that’s all I’m waiting on.
  6. broca's aphasia

    MGH vs. Vanderbilt for Medical SLP

    They’re both amazing schools and will serve you well in the medical area of the field. I’d honestly just go to whichever one ends up being cheaper for you, although I’d also include rent in this because Boston’s rent prices are through the roof.
  7. broca's aphasia

    UT Health San Antonio

    It's a brand new program so I don't believe you will find any current students in the SLP program. I would suggest emailing the program coordinator for program specific questions. However, if you have questions about the school or the area as a whole, you can message me! I know people who are familiar with the school in general and know a lot about the area.
  8. broca's aphasia

    UW-Seattle MedSLP thoughts?

    Hello! I messaged you with some questions!
  9. broca's aphasia

    The University of Texas at Dallas

    Has anyone heard about packages from the financial aid office yet? I've yet to hear anything and when I call they have no timeframe that they can give me.
  10. broca's aphasia

    2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    Just declined my offers at Rush and New York Medical College and my waitlist position at MGH. Hopefully this helps someone!
  11. broca's aphasia

    NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    Thanks! It’s expensive, so I probably won’t be attending, unless there’s more funding than I’ve heard. I applied two weeks before the deadline and no interview. I don’t think they did interviews this year.
  12. I would just email the department and ask. I did, told them I was out of state and there was no way I could financially afford to visit for the interview, and they set up a Skype interview and said. Best way to get your answer is to email them directly.
  13. broca's aphasia

    NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    Just got my acceptance to New York Medical College! Is anyone aware if they offer funding other than loans?
  14. If you’re planning on pursuing a PhD in the future, or your interests are more medically oriented, that’s usually when you can consider some of the higher ranking schools with higher tuition costs. I applied to a program that will only end up being about 20,000 in tuition throughout the length of the program, so very cheap compared to my other options, but chances are I won’t accept it even if I am accepted because my interests are heavily medical and the program just wouldn’t give me what others could.
  15. broca's aphasia

    The University of Texas at Dallas

    I heard back sometime around the 20th of January I think. My application wasn't totally complete until the first week of January. Dr. Stillman will email you personally once they accept you.

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