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  1. Spouse coming to PhD interview/recruitment

    I think you should turn down their accommodations and explain you will be coming with your partner so that they may see the city too and will book your own room accordingly. I think asking them to provide your partner with housing during your interview (while totally understandable) might come off bad you know? I could be totally off base-just my opinion.
  2. It has begun...

    This gives me hope lol. Question: If we didn't get a preliminary invite does that mean we weren't their first choice?
  3. Let’s just TALK about it...

    I feel everyone here feels similarly to varying degrees, so massive thank you for starting this thread. Good news is you are taking it in stride and looking at the bright side. I wish I could provide more solace outside of simply validating your feelings but being in the same boat, that's all I can do. You have every right to be stressed and I know how much this must mean to you. However, I think we must all be mindful: what will be will be. The time where we could still actively do something stopped when we pressed that submit button and torturing ourselves with the unknown only hurts us and our loved ones that have to put up with us. So stay strong my friend, keep looking at that silver lining and binge watch Netflix holiday specials. Hopefully listening to others stories here and knowing you aren't alone helps (I know it's helping me) and we can get through this together. **Hops off dramatic soap box**
  4. Let’s just TALK about it...

    Thank you! I feel similarly! I applied to UCCS, Wyoming, NIU and Birmingham. All of these schools are within my range (or so I thought) GRE scores are V 161 (88%) Q 154 (55%) W 4.5 (82%) and subject 700 (76%). I have my Master's (GPA 3.7) and my undergraduate GPA was like a 3.8. I really want these programs because they are trauma based. I presently work in crisis response (I've been WAY too distracted these past 2 days) and many of our clients are trauma victims. I want to help them but feel I lack the knowledge and experience to do so. I know I have the potential to be a great therapist and I WILL contribute to the field in a big way. I just need a chance, a foot in to door. I see others are getting interview invites from UCCS and Wyoming already (my top 2 schools) and I've heard nothing. I talk to my friends about it and they say "you can apply next year", I don't see how I will be better next year. I know it's not over, I know I haven't gotten a rejection but my refresh button on my email has been pressed so much it'd be hilarious if it weren't for the crippling self doubt. Do you think UCCS and Wyoming are done handing out interview invites or that I even have a chance? I welcome your honesty here!!!