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  1. Also remember you are visiting during a nice spell of weather in the spring. Imagine how you will feel about bloomington when it's 90 degrees and humid or 20 degrees and snowing...
  2. If you want an urban environment you will not be happy in Bloomington.
  3. Yes I've talked to current students and they have all been very helpful. I am planning on attending the admitted students day(s) next month. I think my anxiety about which program to choose had been high and I'm reading too much into quick emails lol
  4. Anyone waiting for CMU design I just received an acceptance to the MPS program
  5. I don't want to make blanket statements because the program might be right for some students - but you can pm me if you want my opinion and experience
  6. Has anyone been in communication with the department? I sent an email asking general questions and the response I got not only didn't answer them but was extremely rude (from Jo) I'm still waiting to hear from two other programs and the response really put me off of metals 😶
  7. I was a student in this program and can answer any questions if you have them
  8. I added my acceptance to the portal
  9. Not sure if it's handled the same - but I received a decision from the MS DAV this morning
  10. I also applied to this program - I have some profile hits from CMU but I have no idea if they were from METALS or the MPS Interaction Design.
  11. Here. This is my second application cycle. Started a program in the fall that wasn't a good fit and I guess I'm a masochist
  12. If it means anything I believe the MFA CMU program is different and on the application portal it says recommendations for the design programs can be submitted up until the 30th -- so it's unlikely they'd make decisions before then
  13. I was v interested in applying to Lifelong Kindergarten but looking through past acceptances on their website I couldn't find anyone who hadn't either gone to MIT as an undergrad or otherwise been previously connected to the program. It really seems like more of a job application than a grad school application ?
  14. I'm not saying I'm the best candidate, but I am saying I'm a racist.
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