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  1. @hellooo I am required to take four classes online this summer, from your experience would you say that this would be manageable through ENMU's program?
  2. @speech12345 I am also in a similar situation. If I were to attend one of the programs I was admitted to, I would have to take those same classes online this summer. I am trying to figure out if that amount of work in a more condensed time period will be too overwhelming. If anyone has taken multiple classes online over the summer I would love to hear more information about your experience!
  3. Hi all, does anyone have experience taking multiple online prereqs during the summer? For one of the programs I was accepted to, I am required to complete four prereqs before the start of the program in the Fall...Has anyone had similar experiences/ is this amount of coursework doable in such a short time span? I have a flexible part time job, so I would be able to donate the majority of my time to this, however if anyone has personal experience with taking multiple prereqs over the summer I would love to hear some more information. Thanks for the help in advance!
  4. I was accepted to both as well. I am hoping to set up visits, but am leaning more towards TC.
  5. Has anyone created a facebook page for admitted students?
  6. Heyone

    NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    I did not put down a deposit either. I am also waiting on Columbia, hoping to hear back from there soon.
  7. Heyone

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    I am still waiting to hear from Vanderbilt, Teacher's College, and UVA. Anyone have any idea about the timeline for these programs?
  8. Heyone

    PA schools

    Hello! I heard from Temple in the beginning of February - trying to find out more information about this program (besides for what is available on the website). If anyone has any insight or personal experience with this program, I would be very appreciative of any info you would be willing to share!
  9. Heyone

    Help Choosing?

    I'm in the same boat as you are...deciding between NYU and a few other programs. Even though school websites have a lot of information, I am finding it hard to distinguish between them. I am also unable to attend admitted students day, which I think would be super helpful in making a decision!
  10. Heyone

    NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have personal experience with NYU, or highly considering going there?
  11. Hi all, does anyone have any personal experience at NYU, or know of anyone who could provide some insight on this program?
  12. Heyone


    Thanks for your response! I am also an out of field applicant. Trying to gather up all of the info that I can from the programs I got into!
  13. Heyone


    Bumping this thread up again to see if any other people have been accepted or know of people who have been through this program without an undergrad CSD major?
  14. Heyone

    George Washington (GWU) Thread

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has personal experience with GW's program, or has any insight that would be helpful in making a decision of whether to attend! Any information would be much appreciated and helpful. Thanks!
  15. Heyone


    Does anyone have information on or experience with Temple's program?

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