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  1. Before April 15th even! Congratulations!!
  2. That was very uplifting, actually. I love how you took it as an opportunity to take time to wholly enrich your life in addition to improving your application. Thank you for responding! So were you accepted off of the waitlist at UC Davis?
  3. Everyone around here is weighing the options of which school they should choose based on the availability of public transportation and the median rental price and I'm sitting here like...well I guess my student loan grace period will be ending soon what am I going to do with the next year of my life to deal with my mediocrity? Just kidding, kind of. Is there anyone else out there that is only sitting on multiple waitlists and rejections?
  4. I don't understand why the e-mails wouldn't be sent to you guys on batches based on a list. Why would it take over a week unless they are personalizing every single e-mail as they go? Seems unnecessary to handle it this way. I'm sorry!
  5. It sounds like regardless of the relevant school experience aspect, you had fun and were able to take time to grow as a person while learning. You're right, I think there are other parts of my current application I should make stronger (like my LORs). Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  6. That's awesome! So did you get paid to teach English for the summer/work at the special needs camp or was it volunteer-based? If so, how did you manage to afford to volunteer and go to school without a consistent income? I'm trying to figure out how to gain more hands-on experience whilst working a full-time job. It seems a lot of people in undergrad have financial help from their parents and that gives them a little bit of an advantage because they are able to gain experience without needing a paying job. Not trying to sound bitter, just trying to understand how I can make it work!
  7. any word? I feel for you because I applied to schools where it felt like they just forgot about me...
  8. Maybe they like to sprinkle their acceptance calls in with their waitlist e-mails to keep their spirits up? Do you think they will contact those who are denied?
  9. You're a champ! Sounds like a lot of coffee is in order in a few hours. Good luck!
  10. Oh my god I've never thought about that.. Definitely understand now, good point! That would come back to haunt them once they are actually in the program.
  11. I'm glad that had a happy ending! It kind of makes you wonder what the point of the writing assignments were, though. Congratulations! I did the same thing during an interview with situational questions. Halfway through answering one I asked her to repeat the question and realized I was barely answering it. My mind was just like "try to say words until this is over". It is so stressful to try to retrieve everything you've learned on the spot like that; I'm glad it isn't just me... I hope you hear something soon!
  12. How are everyone's interviews going? Any stories?
  13. I know it is a joint program between the two schools; but are there two separate campuses/separate applications?
  14. Is the application process/selection process a lot different for WSU and EWU?
  15. Wow, that's really different.. Sometimes I wish there was a uniform process for schools (interview/ no interview/ just writing prompt). I suppose every school has a different focus, but it certainly makes the applicants feel like a piece of taffy.