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  1. Hey, I have received an admit from UPenn for MS in CIS and I'm still waiting for USC and UCSD; assuming I get into one of them or both of them; which of the three is better suited for MS in CS taking into consideration the opportunities for TA/RA, funding, financial assistance, internship chances, and job prospects? It would be great help if you can direct me to some students who've studied/studying there as well!
  2. nanthini

    Philadelphia, PA

    Oh sure, I'll look into it. Thanks for the help!
  3. nanthini

    Philadelphia, PA

    I don't want to waste a lot of time traveling, so some areas near the school, I've heard of University City and Centre City so far.. Any ideas on how safe they are?
  4. nanthini

    Philadelphia, PA

    Hey guys, I am planning to attend UPenn this fall and I would like to know about what areas are close enough and cheap enough for a graduate student? Also, what are the part time job prospects around here? Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm constantly refreshing the sites and checking my mail every 5 minutes. Then I tell myself, doing this will not make them reply any sooner! 2 minutes later, I'm doing the same thing again!
  6. @DBearNot pocket Yocket* autocorrect failed me! https://yocket.in and http://www.edulix.com are sites that I usually stalk! I'm losing my mind waiting for these results!
  7. Same with me. I'm spending my nights checking the application status and checking the results here, pocket and edulix. I am going mad waiting! :|
  8. Went with Princeton Review Practice tests and Manhattan free test Test Verbal Quant AWA Total (unprepared, 6 months before test) PR1 148 163 2.5 311 [feeling super awesome at this score] PR2 148 156 3.0 304 [brought back to earth ] (little preparation, only in Quant, 3 months before) PR3 146 159 3.5 305 [may be I shouldn't gi
  9. GRE 321 Verbal 156(71%) Quant 165(90%) AWA 4.0(56%) UG 78% (Top 5 in department) One good relevant project No work experience or research papers (Working on a research paper currently) Want to do MS in Computer Science. Have sent my scores to USC, UCLA, Stony Brook, UMCP I have Columbia, UC Irvine and San Jose State University in mind. What are my chances of getting into these? Also, suggest any other good universities that fit my profile! Thanks, in advance!
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