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  1. Hi all! So I just recently graduated with my first masters degree in library science. It was exciting and I finished with great grades - 3.82 CGPA on a 4.0 scale. However, my ultimate passions are history and classics. I did a double major for them in my undergrad. In fact, I want to go back to do a second masters in classics or history (in 2 years as I would like to work and earn some work experience and money first so I can get married) and probably get a PhD after that. The problem is, my undergrad CGPA was mediocre - 3.14 on a 4.3 scale. I had an average of about 3.4 in the last 2 years but I really bombed the first year and a half. The program I want to apply to requires at least a 3.3 CGPA to get into the classics MA program, but I was wondering if having a really strong CGPA in my first masters will make up for my less than stellar undergrad CGPA. Has anyone experienced something similar? Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm enjoying it a lot so far! First semester is a bit rough as you have to take the core courses which can be a bit dry because they're super theoretical. But I'm in my second semester now and taking courses that I came here to take (focusing on archives and such), so I'm having a lot more fun studying haha. Plus there are lots of opportunities to get involved in student affairs and there's a listserv for the program that you can sign up for that sends out emails whenever jobs are available in the field. That's actually how I got the job in the library I'm working at now! Also, practicum opportunities in your final semester can allow you to get experience in the field before graduating!
  3. Hey! I'm currently doing my MISt at McGill and there is a large focus on HCI and UX here! Another option for you to consider if you haven't finished your applications yet
  4. I'll also be attending McGill in the fall! Master of information studies degree Has anyone started a FB group for the MISt program?
  5. Hi there! Actually it turns out I will be attending McGill! I got their offer a few days ago and accepted it, having to unfortunately rescind my acceptance at Ottawa which I felt very guilty about. Have you heard back from the universities yet?
  6. Hi everyone! I just officially accepted my offer from the University of Ottawa in Information Studies a few minutes ago and I'm very excited I was wondering if anyone else on this website is also going to be a student in this program in the fall and would like to connect via Facebook group or something! Also, if any Ottawa residents have any recommendations for finding housing (other than checking kijiji and the student housing billboard), please post them here! Gotta find a place to live soon...
  7. Hey everyone! I was accepted into my second choice school yesterday, UOttawa for a Master in Information Studies. I'm very excited! However, I'm still waiting on a response from McGill, which is my first choice, for the same program. I emailed them a while back to inquire about the status of my application and I was told they had already sent out their first round of admissions and will be sending out about 50 more mid-April, so I guess I'm on some kind of waitlist since I wasn't outright rejected - but Ottawa needs to me accept or decline their offer by April 14, and I don't know for sure whether or not McGill would have gotten back to me by then. My question is, should I ask UOttawa for an extension on the decision deadline, or should I email McGill and explain to them the situation, and see if they can assess my application a bit more quickly? I'm leaning towards the latter, but I figured it would be good to get some second opinions. Thank you guys!
  8. Hey! Thanks for your input I have her email from that time she contacted us to let us know we'd receive our answers around March 3rd, but I emailed Carol a couple of weeks ago to inquire about when I could expect an answer and she nicely responded that I'm still under review, so I don't want to hassle them too much! I'll give a couple of weeks and if I don't hear anything then I'll think of contacting them again. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the reply! I emailed them a few days after the March 3rd "deadline" and Carol told me that my application was still being reviewed... and I applied to the archives and records management concentration! Damn, that was really good on your part. I found it absolutely impossible to get work experience anywhere, I applied to a bunch of museums and only JUST got a volunteer position at McCord. I did some fieldwork last summer but it was in archaeology so I don't know how relevant that it, but we had a bit cataloging component so I figured that was maybe at least looking at. I'm on the warpath looking for internships and emailing people now just in case I don't get in this cycle. I want my cv to be loaded up.
  10. Just out of curiosity, for those accepted, what are your stats? What's your GPA like and did you have any work experience? I mean I haven't technically gotten a rejection yet but at this point, the silence makes me feel like I'm not getting in.
  11. Ugh, McGill is sending my anxiety through the roof, but so is U of T. I also applied to Ottawa as my "safety" school so hopefully they come through for me... and I have no idea, honestly. But the Montreal program is in English so I don't think that's really an issue!
  12. Hi! I haven't received an admit from McGill (yet?) but the admissions coordinator told me they already sent out about 100 offers so I don't know if it's looking too good...she said they'll probably be sending out about 50 more in April but idk. McGill is my first choice because I would like to stay in Montreal! You?
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