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    "At-Risk" Youth, Multicultural Issues in Speech-Language Pathology
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    2017 Fall
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    Speech-Language Pathology

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  1. Texas Tech Texas A&M - Kingsville
  2. The reason was "Program no longer has openings" I asked Dr. Heiman specifically, and she had the same response.
  3. LA Tech rejected me. I'm so devastated! Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but damn. I thought I had a good chance.
  4. Neither would I. Especially if I'm not being paid. Plus, it just sounds fishy. Like your client wants free services or something..
  5. I have one of those! I got mine from Walmart.com for $180 and it's a Queen. It's very comfortable and I will definitely be getting another if I can't find room for the one I currently have in my car.
  6. SFA

    Good Luck on your interview with Lamar! I'm still salty they didn't give me a chance
  7. SFA

    I felt great about mine. Although I was caught off guard by a couple questions, it went smoothly for the most part. Currently, SFA is my top choice. I love their labs and their commitment to diversity and I like how they sold me on their classes when we discussed my professional goals. What about you? How do you feel your interview went?
  8. SFA

    45 people were interviewed
  9. Unfortunately, I know nothing.
  10. Someone just posted on the results page that they received an interview. Wish it were me...
  11. During the interview, I asked how were graduate students supervised and they only mentioned their on-campus clinic and their school placements, but now I'm looking at their website and they do have some opportunities for hospital and rehab facility placements!!! Thank you for pointing that out. They just moved up on my list for sure.
  12. Just got a phone call acceptance to West Texas. Surprised because I thought my interview went terribly.
  13. What I meant to say was, yes, SFA does have an essay portion but I do not know what it will consist of! I was told that the interview would last about an hour. 30 minutes for the writing and 30 minutes for the interview and tour of the clinic.
  14. It'd be nice if LA tech shot me an e-mail or something...
  15. I'm not too sure, but maybe she'll be there and we'll get to ask her about it!