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    "At-Risk" Youth, Multicultural Issues in Speech-Language Pathology
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    2017 Fall
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    Speech-Language Pathology

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  1. I heard from them a few days ago. They've already sent out their acceptances.
  2. Yah! Idk how to go about it, but let's make one
  3. I'm still sticking with West Texas
  4. I feel like that is your inner voice warning you. Always listen to that inner voice and gut feeling. You may not be sure why you feel like you're regretting your choice, but your psyche does, so just follow it! I was going through the same thing a couple weeks ago, in the end, I am sticking with my first choice and I am not looking back. When I accepted a different option, I just kept going back and forth, and doing all these what-if scenarios, and anazlyzing every little red flag, and was totally unsure. But after following instinct, I feel firm in my decision and so does my inner voice. There's no more wavering at all and that makes me feel very secure with the choice I made.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I was reading the graduate handbook today and saw that in the checklist, along with many other things.
  6. Haha, same here! I e-mailed last week because I hadn't heard back after accepting but, Dr. Cross assured me that everything was in order. I'm glad because I really was not trying to pay for a deposit at all! Tvl, by the way, I'm 95% sure that I will be attending WTAMU so we might be class mates soon!
  7. Texas Tech Texas A&M - Kingsville
  8. The reason was "Program no longer has openings" I asked Dr. Heiman specifically, and she had the same response.
  9. LA Tech rejected me. I'm so devastated! Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but damn. I thought I had a good chance.
  10. Neither would I. Especially if I'm not being paid. Plus, it just sounds fishy. Like your client wants free services or something..
  11. I have one of those! I got mine from Walmart.com for $180 and it's a Queen. It's very comfortable and I will definitely be getting another if I can't find room for the one I currently have in my car.
  12. SFA

    Good Luck on your interview with Lamar! I'm still salty they didn't give me a chance
  13. SFA

    I felt great about mine. Although I was caught off guard by a couple questions, it went smoothly for the most part. Currently, SFA is my top choice. I love their labs and their commitment to diversity and I like how they sold me on their classes when we discussed my professional goals. What about you? How do you feel your interview went?
  14. SFA

    45 people were interviewed
  15. Unfortunately, I know nothing.