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  1. I would say West Chester. Since Salus isn't accredited yet, it's going to be a bit of a headache when you have to go through ASHA when you graduate! Also, Salus is SUPER expensive and I don't think it's worth it if you have gotten into a cheaper school that is accredited. As long as WCU can give you a medical practicum, then you'll be fine.
  2. La Salle gave me a GA with my admission offer. GPA 3.77 GRE 154 V 153 Q 5 W. I had research experience. I believe La Salle offers 10 GA's for each incoming grad class.
  3. royffle

    can someone pls help

    Take it again, it can't hurt. Lots of people have higher scores the 2nd time.
  4. royffle

    "Open Minded" SLP Grad Programs

    Check out Temple in Philly. They make it a point to accept people with different backgrounds. From my time there, grad students included people with degrees in journalism, business, acting, spanish, linguistics, plus many others fields. They love people who have worked abroad especially teaching. I met multiple grad students there with this background. Also, every school will be competitive so don't worry about only looking at ones on the "lower" end. Honestly what I thought would be the least competitive school (my safety!) I got rejected from, but I got into "more competitive" schools.
  5. royffle

    Advice for a Non-CSD Undergrad

    What will your undergrad degree be in? If you want to start grad school right away without pre-reqs then you need to look into 3 year programs where the CSD undergrad isn't necessary (not every school will have this). You need a strong GPA, and good GRE scores. Depending on your major, are/were you involved in anything? Can you make it relate it to SLP? Is there something specific that makes you interested in this field? I know a good number of people who got accepted to grad school without any pre-reqs or CSD undergrad, but they were able to convey to the admissions committees why their previous field & experiences would make them a great SLP. You can look into volunteer/work opportunities helping people with disabilities, young kids, or the elderly. If your school has research in psychology, language, neuroscience, etc then see if you can get involved in that in any way! You'll learn a lot & it'll make you a strong applicant.
  6. royffle

    Anatomy of Speech Mechanisms

    My undergrad at Temple combines both into one course, Basic Speech Science, and I don't have to take any other pre-reqs for grad school so I think you'll be okay as long as everything is covered in that one course (which I'm sure it will be).
  7. royffle

    How many schools to apply to?

    I applied to 10...I did that much just to calm my nerves lol. But most people in my undergrad class applied to somewhere between 6-10. If you can afford it, then apply to as many as you like to increase your chances. I got into multiple schools, so I didn't NEED to apply to 10...but you never know what is going to happen! Just make sure that every school you apply to you'd want to go there. Obviously there's schools you'll like better than others, but your "last choice" could be the only one you get into, so make sure you'd still be happy there!
  8. royffle

    Am I being realistic for Fall 2017?

    I would look into Temple as well. It's my undergrad and from what I saw they accept a good number of people every year with a degree in a different field but who have experience in other things - especially people who have done stuff abroad. East Stroudsburg accepts a LOT of their own undergrads so I would look at them with caution. No one from my undergrad class got accepted there (even though we all got into multiple other schools) I guess because there's a decreased chance of getting in.
  9. royffle

    Jobs after Undergrad

    Lots of jobs in nursing homes. I worked as a Recreation Assistant.
  10. royffle

    SLP online postbacc programs

    Not sure if you're only limited to NJ, but La Salle in Philly has an online post bacc program.
  11. royffle

    NJ,PA Grad School in SLP

    Hey! My GPA while applying to grad schools was a 3.75 and I was accepted to a couple PA/NJ schools! I will be attending La Salle but I also got in to Temple (this is my undergrad so I believe that played a factor) , West Chester, Stockton, Kean, and Seton Hall. If you are looking into beyond PA/NJ then I'd suggest Loyola MD because they definitely have a holistic approach. I was accepted there & I feel like you'd be a good candidate for them. The only school I was rejected from was East Stroudsburg...so it's honestly tough to tell exactly what they want. My advice would be to get your GRE scores into at least the 50th percentile for each section. I worked in a research lab and worked at a nursing home during undergrad. I think what set me apart was my personal statement & LOR. For each of these schools I talked about how my experiences showed me what I love about SLP (I was specific - for me, dysphagia, aphasia, etc.) and then related it back to what the school offers. So I mentioned certain professors & their research/labs in my PS. (Note: If you apply to Kean, your personal statement will be a video & you'll be answering a totally different question). Also my 3 LOR came from professors who really knew me! Be professional and ask in person! Make a nice folder for each of them with a table of the schools you're applying to & due dates. Also include all your grades, your personal statement, etc. If you have any other questions, lmk! Good luck!
  12. royffle

    2016 Facebook Thread

    La Salle University https://www.facebook.com/groups/1706875846259471
  13. royffle

    Philadelphia, PA

    @unhappy phd Welcome to Philly! I know lots of college students at all the schools in Philadelphia live in the suburbs. I did the past 2 years (because I lived at home to save money), and I never felt isolated! The trains are super easy to take into Philly from the suburbs. I am not too familiar with Media but there is definitely a train line that goes directly from there to University City. SEPTA does suck a lot BUT there are a ton of train lines and options to work with if you want to live in the suburbs. The trains run basically 5 AM - midnight.
  14. royffle

    La Salle FB Group?

    Someone just created one! It is called, "LaSalle Univeristy SLP Grad Class of 18" note that university is spelled wrong so search it that way! Hope more people will join!
  15. Anyone start a Facebook group for La Salle yet? I just sent in my deposit so I wanted to meet some other people who will be in the program too!

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