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  1. You will have to apply by May 1st 2019 if you are a domestic applicant and before January 8th 2019 if you are an international student. Masters of Business Analytics programs are popping up at many business schools because the skillset taught in these programs are in high demand. It kind of mirrors the sudden upsurge that we saw with financial engineering programs during the last 15 years. The key to getting into these programs is to have a great quant profile and a solid career outlook. If at all possible, you should get at least some internship experience or partner with a professor to help them with their research. - Admissions Track
  2. Absolutely NOT. You should never talk about any negative issues in your personal statement. Your personal statement should only come from a standpoint of strength. SOP's for PhD programs are pretty standard. Discuss your past goals, talk about your current research, then segway to future goals and close with details of the specific program you are applying to. You should absolutely never discuss or try to explain away bad grades. It never ever works. Now here is the touchy part, I would hesitate on recommending anyone who is considering applying to a graduate program in psychopathology to discuss these types of problems in an admissions essay unless the problem has long been treated and is behind the applicant. PhD programs can be long and very taxing and students and eventually practitioners need to be as healthy as possible. If you really must explain withdrawal for an entire semester, you should write a very short and benign email to the admissions committee and ask that they attach this to your file if an optional space is not provided in the application. - Admissions Track
  3. Any written material that you submit for admissions purposes should always be written from a standpoint of strength. Never discuss bad grades in an SOP. Never degrade former teachers or an institution. After-all- you chose it and chose to stay so what does that say about your judgement? The best way to overcome bad grades is to highlight other areas of achievement. This could be research, standardized testing, supplemental courses done elsewhere, professional experience. There are so many options, just do not disparage others. - Admissions Track
  4. If this supervisor has an advanced degree you should use him. As long as he can state that you have the drive needed to complete advanced training based on his own experiences, the LOR will be respected. - Admissions Track
  5. It should be fine. Most schools will allow you to submit your unofficial scores and if you are taking the computerized GRE, UW will have your scores before the deadline. By the time they actually get around to reviewing applications, your scores should be in the office. - Admissions Track
  6. As a general rule you should not include additional documentation unless it is specifically requested. Those optional text boxes on admissions forms are for unusual circumstances. These include prolonged absence from school or gaps on a resume or academic career transcript. - Admissions Track
  7. Sure you can send it over and we will take a look. -Admissions Track
  8. A good SOP should be no more than 1,000 words/2 pages when the word count is not specified. At many of these universities, the admissions staff(Professors at times) is so small that they just do not have the resources or time to read hundreds, sometimes thousands of super lengthy essays. 1,000 words is more than enough space to get your point across. - Admissions Track
  9. If this CV is going to be used for a graduate school application, you should either put both or none at all. Putting only your graduate GPA will draw attention and I know that would cause me to immediately flip to your undergraduate transcript to see what you are hiding. I would leave them both off because it does nothing to enhance your application, they will already have access to your academic history. Utilize this space to talk about courses that you took at each institution that's relevant to this new degree you are seeking. - Admissions Track
  10. Yes You need to take the reader through your experiences. Let them know exactly what you did to add value. Show them that you are serious about undertaking this study by showing them what you have done in that past. The more specific you can be here, the better. - Admissions Track
  11. Hello As you stated, the major problem with your SOP is that it lacks any real specificity. You talk in very general terms and this will cause you to be rejected. At the PhD level, the applications are read by professors who are looking to see if the applicant is a great fit for that particular program. The most important aspect of that is seeing if there is a faculty member there who would be able to supervise the student throughout the lengthy process. Because of this, they look most keenly at the student's desired course of study. You need to fully spell out what you want to do and why you want to do it. Furthermore, when you were describing your research experience, you talked mostly about lab processes and not your value added. Fully flush out what your contributions to the research study were, how did you make processes better? These are the main elements that a good SOP for a science based program needs to have, Admissions Track
  12. Hello, You have to ask yourself, what is the main goal of your SOP? After reading this SOP, there was nothing in this that would have made me put your application into the admit pile. There is absolutely no goal or game-plan articulated here. Worst of all, you start the SOP off with uncertainty, lack of confidence and with a muddled voice. SOP must always be strong, ALWAYS. Talk a little bit about your background and how you came to the point in your life where you are now. A great SOP should fully articulate why you need this program at this point in your life. Furthermore, its should fully flush out how this program will help you achieve your future goals. Anything else that is added, is really not needed. The reader needs to connect to your essay and feel an overwhelming sense of ....yes...this applicant really could use the resources of my program to help him/her cross over to where they want to be. - Admissions Track
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