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5 hours ago, nextcounterplease said:

Rejected by Brown. Feeling absolutely gutted as it was one of my top chcoices. 

Remember that there's a significant degree of randomness in this process. 'The fault is in the stars, dear Horatio', not in you! :)

Also that other opportunities will always open up, there might be the possibility of transferring, and so on. Good luck with your coming decisions!

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1 hour ago, nextcounterplease said:

Northwestern was predicted to release their decisions yesterday, so I’m *really* hoping they come through today. Anxious! 

It was the 26th last year. I wouldn't hold my breath for today as they could come out next week. Hope I'm wrong

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For folks that didn't see it in the other thread, here is Northwestern's history of releases:

February 13 M February 1 F February 5 W January 28 W January 21 R January 26 R January 25 R

There is some variation of course dependent on timezone in which people reported. The only positive reports were for the 24th and 25th, and there was nothing on the FB group, but WL reports were for the 25th so I assumed they plausibly released on the same day since they did in 2017. Range is from 2012-2018 with day of the week to the right.

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3 hours ago, nextcounterplease said:

Is NU a top choice for you? 

It's up there. I applied to the joint philosophy and law program. Since there seems to be a coordinated admissions process between the two departments, I'm not even sure if I can expect to hear back at the same time as others who only applied to the PhD. 

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